Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stand in the Rain

I peeked out the window before heading up the hill to get the kidlets this afternoon. It was cloudy and windy but it seemed a safe bet that it wouldn't rain in the next 15 or so minutes so I took off on foot. Approximately 2 minutes after reaching the bus stop I felt the drips and drops starting to fall. A neighbor drove by and I waved. A minute or so later the rain went from drips and drops to a few drops shy of a downpour. And there I stood. I contemplated for a nanosecond whether or not I had time to run back home and get the car. No, I probably didn't. So I thought I'd just stand there in the rain and enjoy a moment straight from childhood. It didn't last more than a minute or two before the neighbor that had driven by just minutes before came to my rescue and offered to let me sit in her car until the bus arrived. And so we sat and chatted about rain and kids and school until the kids got off the bus and she drove us home. And now I am dry and thankful for good neighbors who step in so we don't always have to stand in the rain.

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