Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rappy Rirthday!

Baby Girl turned 5 last week. FIVE, I say! Okay, so it wasn't like a surprise or anything. I mean I was there for the birth and well that was...1...2...3...4...yea, 5 years ago. That's really one of those things you don't forget. But still......FIVE! She's been anticipating this birthday for well on a year now. Five is apparently going to be an awesome year. It's the year you start eating vegetables and all those other yucky foods you've refused to go near for pretty much your whole life, ya know. Seriously, she's been promising for a year now that "when I'm five" the vegetable/fruit/variousyuckyfood eating will begin. She's proving to be a girl of her word and has started eating corn & grapes and even tried a bite of steak earlier this week. We are so proud.

The 5 year old on the morning of her birthday before school.

Baby Girl has developed a love for Scooby Doo over the last year. I can't tell you how happy this has made The Man and I. I mean you can only watch Dora for so long. Getting to watch cartoons you actually enjoy and feel nostalgic for is a lovely thing. Due to her love of the fraidy cat dog, naturally a Scooby themed cake was called for BUT "the whole gang" had to be on it. Oh the joy when we found a cake that not only had "the whole gang" but even included the treasured Mystery Machine. Pure birthday bliss, I tell ya!

The much loved cake.

Yay, presents. :)
We love you, Baby Girl! We hope 5 is full of love, happy memories and vegetables. And may God bless you always.

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