Thursday, March 18, 2010

Through The Lens Thursday #31

We are a house divided. If you grow up in Alabama you know all about college football. And from before you understand the rules of the game you know there is a choice. You are either an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan. A lot of the time it depends on your family. If your mom and dad are Alabama fans then chances are you are too. Same for Auburn fans. But there are always a few of us that break apart and rebel against the family ties. My dad is a Bama fan. My sister is a Bama fan. I, however, am an Auburn fan.  I have a cousin that I absolutely worshipped as a child and he was an Auburn fan therefore I became an Auburn fan. So I grew up and somehow managed to marry an Alabama fan.

Naturally our kids would have to pick a team. Sister decided early on to be a Bama fan like her daddy. Baby Girl was uninterested in football for quite awhile but in the last couple of years has decided it was fun to cheer for a team. We were a little concerned when she declared her love for Kentucky. Gasp! Last football season she actually cheered for Alabama but finally seems to have become an Auburn fan like her mama. I am so pleased. Truthfully, I think the only reason she is an Auburn fan is because I am. That girl loves her mama. She knows who packs her PB&Js every morning. But I'll take it.

My mom sent them new Alabama/Auburn shirts to wear. We're all ready for the next season.

War Eagle!  oh, and Roll Tide too.

The rivalry starts early.

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kbreints said...

Cute! Here in Iowa you are either Hawkeye or Cyclone fans... there is no choice in our house. Hawks rule :)

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Awww. Too cute.
My DH is an faithful Redskins fan and he's our girls that if they choose to cheer on anyone else in his presence.. they will be quickly moved out.. LOL.. He's just kidding.. I think..

Eden said...

Oh Janet - that made me laugh! You go ahead and root for Auburn for me (since I don't watch football!), my nephew goes there.

Pam said...

Having most of my family in Alabama I am well aware of this rivalry. Since my ex boyfriend went to Auburn, I am for Alabama. lol
Cute photos!