Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year A New Decade

Well 2010 is here. I remember when 2010 seemed so far away.When I was a kid I was certain we'd be flying around like the Jetsons, dressed all in white and looking very outer space-ish at this point. And while things have certainly come a long way, we're not quite there yet, are we? Truthfully, I'm kinda relieved. I don't really like to wear white.

This is also the year I turn 40 although I have half the year to go before I reach that milestone. When I was a kid 40 was ancient. As I'm approaching it I've learned.... eh, not so old. HaHa! I'm not delusional just young at heart. Right?

And while I'm ready to look forward to all that 2010 holds, I still can't help but look back at all the ways my life changed from 2000-2009. Here are some of them:

-I became a mom x 2. Sister was born in 2000 followed by Baby Girl in 2003. Truly the most life changing events of the last decade. I was changed for the better in every way by those two wonderful blessings.

-I moved four times. These were challenging events for sure but also brought wonderful new experiences and precious new people into our lives.

-We bought our first house. I'll never forget the excitement of owning our first home. It was just outside a small town in Mississippi, a new(10 months old) construction and we absolutely loved it.

-It was the decade my hobby became a passion and I fell in love with photography. I view the world differently than I did before because of that.

-Jesus used the highest highs and lowest lows to draw me closer to him. He has provided me with so many wonderful studies and circumstances in life to learn more about Him and draw me closer to Him over the last ten years. I have gone from viewing him as my Savior to also viewing him as my friend and so much more. It's a far more personal relationship than it was 10 years ago and I am so thankful for that.

-My relationship with my husband has matured and changed. Everything is so much deeper now. We've shared a lot of ups and downs. We've seen the highs of the births of our childrens, job promotions and new homes to the lows of deaths of loved ones, job loss, financial struggles and living apart for the last 4 months due to the job circumstances. All of it has drawn us closer and helped us to cling to each other more. Not that our marriage is perfect by any means, we've had our struggles, but I think overall each circumstance has helped us to value each other more and I pray we continue to do so. I'm so thankful I get to go through life with him.

There have been some huge changes in my life the last ten years. I imagine it must be the same for you. So how has your life changed over the last decade?

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