Monday, March 30, 2009

Off to a Great Start

Spring break has begun and it has been oh, so lovely. I was so ready for some laid back days as were my little chicks. The first 3 days have been low key. We have plans for later in the week so we're using the first part of the week to take care of the errands/chores and fit in some time to relax a bit.

Saturday morning we rolled ourselves out of bed around 8 a.m. Bliss! I made french toast for breakfast which is a rare treat around here. We all took care of some chores around the house and headed out that afternoon to the library. We stocked up on books to read knowing there would be plenty of time for that in the week ahead. The Man made us his super yummy burgers for dinner. His are the best! Sunday was deliciously lazy. It was cold and blustery outside, a day that called for snuggling indoors. After church, we came home and ate lunch. Sister Girl spent much of the afternoon in her room reading while Baby Girl and I snoozed. I love naps.

Today I spent the morning washing, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc. and preparing to go out and do some much needed shopping. I've not bought much in the way of groceries the last couple of weeks and the cupboards were looking a bit bare. The girls and I got the errands out of the way this afternoon and now have the rest of the week to enjoy! We played some board games this afternoon and I rented a movie for the girls and I to watch this evening.

I've got a couple of days to fill before our big plans for the week. The weather may interfere with my plans for a day at the park tomorrow. If it rains I'm sure I can come up with something else. But there's no place to run and nothing urgent to do which is a welcome change of pace. A week to just enjoy being together. What could be better?


Kirsty said...

I had to chuckle at your blissful waking hour of 8am. That would be considered early for me. :D

It sounds like a lovely time so far, enjoy the rest of your week!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Sounds like your off to a great start!
Enjoy your week of nothingness..LOL

Janet said...

Thanks Kirsty-I wish 8 was early for me. Baby Girl actually woke up at 6:30 a.m. but I was able to convince her that it was far too early to get up so we all got a few more zzzz's.

Thanks Mikki. :)