Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Queso Dip

I'm not sure why but yesterday I was craving Queso Dip better known as Ro-Tel Cheese Dip where I'm from. We're all about the obvious. So, while I was buying groceries I picked up the stuff to make some. It's been many years since I've made it. Seriously, many! In fact, when I offered some to my kids(who are 8 and 5 years old) as a snack they didn't have a clue what on earth I was offering them. Baby Girl wouldn't try it but she's picky that one. Sister Girl did and loved it. The Man came home from work and was quite pleased to find this unexpected treat. So just in case you've never made it, here's the super simple recipe.

Queso Dip

1 10 oz. can Ro-Tel Tomatoes(I use mild)

1 1 lb. pkg. Velveeta

Cut Velveeta into one inch cubes. Combine in bowl with can of Ro-Tel. Cover and microwave on high for 2 1/2 minutes. Stir and continue cooking on high an additional 2 1/2 minutes. Stir until completely melted and serve with tortilla chips. Yummy!


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Live.Love.Eat said...

This right here is my weakness. Chips and a cheese dip. I love Rotel, it's one of my best friends. I made something similar a few weeks ago. Good stuff.

Samantha said...

I love chips and dip, sounds yummy ! Thanks so much for sharing !

Katrina said...

We love this dip and have it more often than I can count! It's also good with Jimmy Dean sausage. ;)

Pam said...

I have made this dip before and added sausage. It is so good!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I had a similar craving, last week. I ended up making a small batch, to nibble on. Thanks for sharing your recipe and linking up to Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. I am glad you have joined us and hope you keep coming back.

Mary Beth said...

I haven't had this in years..so good! Thanks for the recipe.

Heather@justdoingmybest said...

LOL,I just posted a 2 ingredient dip recipe too! Though yours is my serious weakness. I don't make it often because it seriously would not last until the next day.