Sunday, September 16, 2012

Instagram Love 9/16/12

Here's a little look at our life via Instagram this last week.

Last weekend we took a little getaway to the beach.
Hello weekend.

And tried Crawfish Pizza for the first time.
Crawfish pizza at Florida Pizza Kitchen.

On Monday, we sent our oldest to school with Alligator Jambalaya in her lunch box.
Wonder if she'll be the only one with Alligator Jambalaya in her lunchbox today.

This weekend we finally had Baby Girl's birthday party. She's crazy about zebra print.
Let the party begin...

There were even zebra stripes in the cake.
Zebra striped cake.

There wasn't a lot of sleep happening a the sleepover party so Baby Girl spent Saturday afternoon catching up on zzzz's.
Catching up on Zzzzz's. Not a lot of sleep happening for the 9 year olds at the sleepover.

What was your week like?

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