Friday, September 7, 2012

Instagram Love 8/20/12 - 9/7/12

First day of 7th grade. 7th! 8/20/12
7th grader. #firstday #bts

First day of 4th grade.8/20/12
 4th grade. #firstday #bts

Baby Girl turned 9 on 8/22.
 Birthday pancakes for the birthday girl.

And we gave homemade Chicago style deep dish pizza a try.
Homemade Chicago style pizza. #dinner

We prepared for Hurricane Isaac.
Ready as we're going to be. #isaac

We didn't get much hurricane action but we did get some tornado warnings.
Chilling in the closet for a bit. #tornadowarning #Isaac

My sweet husband provided some sunshine on a grey day.
 A little sunshine on a grey day.

And God showed off His handiwork.
Painted sky. #nofilter

So what have you been doing lately?

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