Wednesday, March 2, 2011

365: Days 60 & 61

61-In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday.....a well loved favorite.

60- My baby girl's backpack that I bought her at the beginning of the school year disintegrated. I've never seen one fall apart like that before. So after searching all the thrift stores & consignment sales with no success, I found her a new one at Target to get her through the rest of the year. Before she left for school Tuesday a.m., she asked if I was going to take a picture with her new backpack. Since I take a picture of her with her backpack on the first day of school she just assumed I'd want one with this new backpack. So we had a quick "first day of school with the new backpack" photo shoot before rushing off to school.


kbreints said...

What a cutie.... several of Henry's things are being nursed along until the end of the year-- his water bottle and his lunch box. Thankfully he has now decided to buy lunch!

Jessica said...

My son celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday at school the other day.

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