Thursday, February 25, 2010

Through The Lens Thursday #29

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful. Friday we found a local playground and let the girls run around for awhile. Then Saturday, I took the girls to the beach for the afternoon. The breeze was cool but the sun was warm and bright. Unfortunatley, this coming weekend isn't turning out to be the same. The average highs are normally in the mid to upper 60s this time of year. This week however, we're running 15-20 degrees below normal. At least I know I have more of the warm days ahead. We just need to get past this cold snap. Hopefully it doesn't overstay it's welcome!

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Pam said...

Too bad the weather is not cooperating this weekend because last weekend looks like so much fun.

kbreints said...

Oh beautiful! I am over this winter... it was -8 when I woke up this morning and my shower was frozen! Yes, my new one!

kbreints said...

Re: You question... I do most of my editing in Picasa, but for when I want to have fun with it or go out of the box I use It is free unles syou want to pay for the upgrade (which I do) You should check it out-- it is a fun site!