Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Through The Lens Thursday #22

I'm taking this Through The Lens Thursday to finally share our Christmas photos. I've been trying to play catch up this week and I finally got around to putting these all together.

Just to touch briefly on the move, I have to say this was probably our toughest move to date. We really never want to have to move again after this one. It took a day and half to load. I was packing up until the very last thing was loaded. It was long, cold and exhausting but it's over!

Dad and The Man headed to Florida. The weather was as lovely as it looks in the picture; a rather unpleasant rain/snow mix.

Since we didn't leave Kentucky until after 1 p.m. on the 19th, I made the decision to stop and stay the night with my mom in north Alabama instead of making the 12 hour drive to Florida like Dad and The Man. We had a great night with Mom and got to Florida Sunday afternoon. We did as much as we could to get the house liveable over the next couple of days and on the Tuesday before Christmas I finally got to put up our tree. I was doing a bit of last minute shopping and wrapping as well but we managed to be ready for Christmas. It was a really great Christmas but how could it not be? We were all back together again. The girls and I drove to my sister's the day after Christmas. We can do that now because she only lives 4 hours away! My parents and grandma came down and we all celebrated Christmas together. We've not been able to do that since our move to Kentucky so that was really nice. The girls and I spent the night at my sister's and it was so great getting some one on one time to just sit and laugh and talk with her. It was truly a Christmas I will always cherish.

Here's a glimpse at our Christmas.

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Petula said...

Moving is a lot of work, but it sounds like the work was worth it ... So glad you were able to celebrate Christmas "on time," spend time with your sister and family... that's absolutely great. Enjoy Florida.