Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sometimes Scary Can Be Too Scary

Thanksgiving Day we took the girls to see Disney's A Christmas Carol. With all the hype leading up to it's premiere my girls had heard all about it and had been talking about seeing it forever. The Man and I agreed that we'd wait to take them when we could all see it together. After it came out I heard that parts of it were pretty scary. Up to this point, their reference point for this story was the DVD Barbie in A Christmas Carol. I warned the girls that this wouldn't be the same at all but they insisted they could handle it and they still really wanted to see it.

The thing about seeing a matinee on Thanksgiving Day is that everyone else is at home with their families so you don't have to deal with a crowded theater. Aside from the four of us there was one other family of three there to see the movie so it was practically a private showing. Nice! We all donned our nifty 3D glasses and prepared for the show.

We were barraged with what seemed like a never ending trailer-fest of upcoming 3D films but eventually the movie started. As it turns out there were some pretty intense scenes in the movie that Baby Girl found too scary. She took off her glasses and hid her face for part of those scenes. Sister wasn't quite so bothered by it. At 9 she understood that it was just fantasy whereas Baby Girl, at 6, still blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

I personally really liked the movie. The animation was incredible! There were parts where it looked so real you almost forgot it was an animated film. I'm not a huge fan of 3D films though and actually had to take off my glasses during a couple of the flyover scenes because I was feeling motion sick. Kind of a weird sensation when you're just watching a movie.

I love a good tale of redemption and A Christmas Carol has long been a favorite of mine. I think Disney did a good job retelling it. I may not get to re watch very often though because Baby Girl has declared that we will not be buying it because it's too scary. I figure we'll give her a few more years and she may appreciate it more. And I think I'll definitely skip the 3D version when it hits DVD.

Disclosure: These are just my own personal thoughts on this movie. We bought the tickets and the popcorn all by ourselves.

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