Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long Week Of Goodbyes

Well, we are in the middle of our last week in Kentucky. Having moved a lot, I am well aware of how crazy, stressful, sad & long this week will be. I still have plenty of packing to do. The more I pack the more I find to pack. I'm beginning to think I'll still be packing as the truck is being loaded on Friday.

This is also the week of goodbyes. There will be many of those "last time I see you" moments. They are hard. The girls are feeling very sad this week. We've been here almost 4 years, a big chunk of their lives. For Baby Girl, the only friends she remembers are here. And Sister has spent three and a half years with the same friends and classmates at school. She doesn't want to leave them behind. I have learned over the years to focus on being thankful for the opportunity to know so many wonderful people but when your 9 and 6 that brings little comfort. But we'll get through and new friends will be made. We've set up opportunities for them to keep in touch with their friends here which will make the transition a bit easier.

Despite their sadness, they are looking forward to being with their Daddy again. I think that may be the best thing that has come out of us living apart. It gave them something solid to look forward to with this move.

Since it was our last Sunday at church, I took a couple of pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses by the tree at church. There was a lobby full of people so the girls weren't feeling the whole picture thing as you can tell by their expressions.


Rachel said...

The girls look beautiful in their Christmas dresses! I hope the move goes smoothly and that you can quickly settle into your new home!!

kbreints said...

Moving is difficult, but onw thing I learned growing up is that Family is what matters the most and the good friends will alwyas be there. I am still in touch with friends that I moved away from at there age... good luck this week!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

They look beautiful!
I remember the ups and downs of emotions when we moved. Will be praying that they will feel the peace of their Heavenly Father as the time to leave draws closer!

Pam said...

The look so cute in their Christmas dresses. I know moving is stressful, especially when you are that age. I hope they meet some new friends quickly!