Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Temporary Home

I mentioned last week, that I was relieved when the apartment that The Man was hoping to rent didn't become available leaving him in the hotel(someplace familiar) to ride out Tropical Storm Ida. Our prayer was that he would be able to find a place to live short term that wouldn't be terribly expensive. The hotel had graciously extended The Man's stay at the same corporate rate the company paid during his training but even that would have become very expensive if he had to continue to stay there until we join him in December. Late last week, God answered another prayer for us by providing The Man with a vacation rental home to stay in until we move down there. It will be considerably less money than the hotel would have been which is a huge blessing. The Man also seems quite happy to be in a house after living in a hotel room for twelve weeks. Can you imagine? While it's nice to have someone else to do the cleaning, a hotel room just never feels like home.

We explored the idea of The Man just renting a house for us and living in it until we joined him. He would have had to buy and air mattress and a few other things to get by on until we got down there. The vacation home rental works better overall though. It's fully furnished. He didn't need anything but his personal belongings and food. The woman rented it for a month and will offer a nightly prorated rental fee beyond that if he needs it. Isn't it just like God to work out everything perfectly for us, even better than we would have worked it out for ourselves.

We are so thankful to have this latest answer. We're looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving in the vacation home with plenty of space and everything we need to cook and and enjoy a wonderful meal and time together as family.

1 Chronicles 16:34 (NIV)
34 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

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Pam said...

What a wonderful answer to prayer. A beach vacation home sounds wonderful to me.