Thursday, October 1, 2009

Through The Lens Thursday #10

Oh, my goodness, I've hardly had a chance to pick up my camera lately. I feel like I'm going non-stop. We've had a good couple of days. The girls were so happy to see their Daddy Tuesday morning. They just happened to have an early release day this week so we went to the library when they got home yesterday and then to Steak & Shake for 1/2 price shakes during Happy Hour. I cannot believe it is already October! Well, judging by the temperature outside I can. It's been downright chilly this week. Fall is definately here. Since I've been rather lame in taking pictures of late, I'm sharing a couple of photos from this time of year in 2007 & 2008. We were obviously enjoying warmer temperatures than we are these days.

This last picture reminds me that I need to make the time to do the official 9 & 6 year old portraits. That picture was from the day we did the 8 & 5 year pictures.

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