Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Before And After Painting Pictures

Okay, so I'm finally getting around to putting up pictures of some of our painting projects we've been doing around here. I'll start with the bathroom. You know, the problem bathroom. The first picture in the top left is the most accurate picture of the before color and shows the awful clumps that were on the walls. I lived with that for three years people. I scraped and sanded the walls and then painted them. I purchased a new shower curtain and my Dad replaced the ugly brass light fixture as well as the wall fixtures while he was here. We put in new brushed nickel fixtures. A big improvement, no?

Let's move on to the living room. Our living room has vaulted ceilings and one of the vaulted walls has the steps to the basement on it so it wasn't easy to paint. I think that is why the previous owners just painted an accent wall instead of painting the whole thing. My dad built a platform to cover the stairs so we could paint everything including the ceiling. We went from a worn light beige with green accent wall to a lovely Wicker. The letters that spell out love blended into the wall after painted so I got a can of spray paint and they are now black and stand out nicely.

Finally, I'll give you a peek at the cave. The cave was our basement playroom pre-painting. The previous owners were Kentucky Wildcat fans and so the walls in the cave were Kentucky Wildcat blue. Sorry I didn't get a good before picture but I found a picture from New Year's Eve that gives you an idea of how dark it was and why I called it the cave. That's exactly what it felt like. More Wicker paint on the walls and it is now light and bright. No more cave!

It really is amazing how paint can just totally transform your house. Everything looks so clean and bright now. I probably would have gone with slightly less neutral colors if we weren't selling but I still love the change.

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Kirsty said...

Amazing and inspiring!!!