Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Through The Lens Thursday #4

Captured this shot of the girls while we were in North Carolina visiting The Man's grandmother and cousins this past weekend.

Also, I have a question about uploading. Do I need to resize my pictures? They look so fuzzy when I upload them but they're not really. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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Mrs Soup said...

So cute. :)

And I can't tell that your photos are fuzzy, but I also haven't made them larger. What resolution are you saving them in?

kbreints said...

Love the photo. They don't look fuzzy to me either.

Janet said...

Thanks ladies. I think I figured the fuzzy thing out. I was viewing my screen at 125% rather than 100%. I'm such a ditz sometimes.

Under the Florida Sun said...

Beautiful shot!
Wish I knew how to help your fuzzy issue, but I know nothing.. LOL

Janet said...

Thanks Mikki. :)