Monday, June 15, 2009

Finding Our Summer Break Groove

School's been out for just over a week and we're still trying to find our groove. I'm not a fan of schedules but find I really need them for things to run smoothly. The last week of school was somewhat insane. In addition to all the funtabulous end of school activities we dealt with our dryers descent into a slow and painful death that lasted almost 2 weeks(thankfully), a far too complicated headlight repair on The Man's car and me and a deer having a much to close for comfort encounter while I was on the way to Field Day at the girls school on the last day of school after dropping the kids off at school, running back home so I could get something I forgot, DH hitting a neighbor's dog or rather the dog running into us(thankfully the dog is okay) while driving my car while we were driving back home to get what I forgot, taking The Man to work and then hightailing it back so I wouldn't be more than 45 minutes late for Baby Girls first Field Day. Whew! We somehow survived that day and the very next day the girls and I headed south to Alabama to spend a few days with my family. It was the perfect way to kick off summer break. The trip down was wonderful. There's just something so awesome about belting out pop songs with your kids while driving down the highway on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It really doesn't get any better than that. At my parents' there were wonderful meals, afternoons in the pool with lots of laughter as the cousins played, picnics, helping Papo in the garden, bonfires and s'more eating, time spent watching the hummigbirds zip and dart around and a lot of time just enjoying being with family. As always, I have pictures from our trip.

The kids chillin' in the pool.
Telling Auntie bye

Helping Papo pick beans
G.G. and the kids
My parents and the kids

A rare photo of me and my girlies.


Crazy hummingbirds
Since returning home we've managed to go swimming twice. We've had a lot of rain so there's just not been many opportunities to enjoy the pool. We did enjoy seeing UP! this past weekend. That's a movie I'm sure we'll watch many times over in the future. Next week is VBS. After that I'm hoping everything settles down, the days get hot and we can relax and enjoy the rest of our summer.

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Jennifer said...

ack, I might be afraid to ride in the car with you! Glad you came through all the mishaps.

Love the pictures. The shot of you and the girls is wonderful!