Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Baby Girl's cheer group finished the semester with a performance for the parents and a performance at a local nursing home. This was her first semester participating in this afterschool program and she loved it. And for the record, it was crazy hair day at school that day. I don't normally send her to school with two ponytails, a braid and a bow. Really.

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Kirsty said...

LOL I did not notice her hair being crazy I was just thinking how cute it looked. Soooo sweet.

Denise said...

I LOVE the hair!!! She is so cute!! Looks like she really enjoys cheering.

Muthering Heights said...

What a little pro!

Joy said...

I would so do my daughter hair like that!!!! But I'm a little off center that way. :-)

Looks like she is having a blast with the cheering!

Happy WW!

Pam said...

My daughter's hair always looked like that by the time I got her to school, even when it wasn't crazy hair day!
My hubby worked in Birmingham for a couple of years. I loved it down there. I would visit much more often if I could.

Tracey said...

First visit to your blog - your girls are adorable!