Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Super Me

Yesterday I saw this at my friend Denise's blog. I had to try it myself. I find it hilarious that even as a superhero I look like a housewife. By the way, you do not pick your Super Hero name.

Go here to make yourself a Super Hero.


Eden said...

I agree with the name, but I think you would really be wearing some fabulously hip and yet comfortable shoes!

Kirsty said...

Well that name certainly turned out to be appropriate. You brought it upon yourself by choosing the grocery bag as your weapon of choice :D

Denise said...

LOL!!! The grocery bag weapon looks GREAT!!!

Under the Florida Sun said...

This was so much fun. I LOVED the music!!

I picked the grocery bag too!! Didn't notice you had it also till I came to comment. LOL