Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning to Read with Dick and Jane

Over Christmas break, Baby Girl wanted to practice her reading and The Man remembered that we had a Dick and Jane compilation storybook. Those books are magical. When this storybook was given to Sister Girl reading began to click for her and the same thing happened for Baby Girl. Everything just started to click for her when she began reading the stories. A couple of weeks back we visited Half Price Books and Baby Girl found and bought Dick and Jane I See You. She loves that book and reads it every single night now. The Dick and Jane books are as timeless as they are nostalgic. I remember learning to read with them and I love that my kids are learning to read with them too. I think what these books do best is build confidence in the child and their ability to read by using repetition of simple words to create stories. A simple yet very effective approach to building readers. Did you learn to read with Dick and Jane?


Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My girls love to read the Dick and Jane books too. It has really helped them with their reading confidence.

Denise said...

The books I learned to read with were some kind of a early 70's knock off of the Dick & Jane books....the characters were Sam & Sally and I remember them vividly, I LOVED those books.

We've never bought any of the Dick & Jane books, but I think we need to get at least the compilation. My 3 yr old got a Tag reader for Christmas & she is already starting to show an interest in reading.