Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope you are off to a wonderful start to 2009. We had a fun evening ringing in the New Year. Baby Girl was determined to see the ball drop this year and much to my surprise she made it. The girl likes her sleep and is not one to put off bedtime too much so I really expected her to cave and go to bed. However, when she makes up her mind about something she's going to see it through. We started our little family party off with a dinner of appetizers: sweet & sour meatballs, pigs in blankets, know the really good stuff. Our main TV went out the Monday before Christmas and is in the shop so we had our party in the basement. We enjoyed our dinner picnic style on a blanket. After dinner we played the Wii for awhile. The girls were running low on steam so we decided to liven things up with the First Annual Family Wii Bowling Tournament.

Baby Girl wiped the floor with us all. The kid ROCKS at Wii bowling. Check out her form.

Celebrating her victory!

Sister Girl being all cute.

As the evening wore on there was much silliness.

And finally it was time....counting down...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1

Unfortunately it just wasn't all Baby Girl thought it would be so she had to take a moment.Bedtime followed shortly thereafter.

It was a fun start to the new year.

You can't start a new year without setting new goals.Some of mine for 2009 are:

-Continuing to focus on saving money and spending wisely.

-Continuing to focus on spending more time in the Word and commiting it to my heart. I have already commited to Beth Moore's challenge on the LPM blog to memorize and meditate on two new scripture verses a month.

-Looking into new ways to serve at the school or in the community.

Notice there are only three. I'm not really an overachiever. Okay, actually I have more but those are at the top of my list I think so I'm giving you those.

I'm looking forward to all 2009 has to offer. I hope you are too.

Happy 2009!

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Under the Florida Sun said...

Love this post!
We are big Wii fans here too. My two girls are teens now, so I love reading blogs about younger ones.
Your blog is adorable and your family just as cute!

Love the disappointed with the lack of New Year hupla picture. My girls had the same reaction awhile back too.