Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Man!

This was birthday week for The Man. He turned 38 on Thursday. We're at the point now where the kids get more excited about our birthdays than we do. They could not wait to give him the cards they made him. His celebration request was for a dinner at home of Shrimp Po' Boys. He also asked for bread pudding but after coming home to find the girls had made him a cake in their Easy Bake oven, he decided the bread pudding could wait until the next night. He's a good daddy like that. I will share the bread pudding recipe with you in a few days. It was given to us by a server in a restaurant in New Orleans. Pretty basic recipe but so good. I, of course, am including a few pictures of the celebration! Happy 38th to The Man! We love you so much.


Stephanie said...

Love your blog! Looks like everyone is having fun! Your family is beautiful!

Have a Beautiful Night!

Janet said...

Thanks for the comments and for stopping by.

Under the Florida Sun said...

How fun! The girls look their having as much fun as he is :-)

Katrina said...

How cute. I love the little home-made cake. These are the best years, aren't they?

Tabitha Blue said...

How sweet!! So wonderful that they made something special for him!!