Friday, November 14, 2008

Flying Holly Berries

So back in June we all attended an arts and crafts festival here in town. We stopped for some ice cream and decided to take refuge from the blazing sun in a nearby gazebo. In the gazebo there was a table set up by the local Arts Association. As we finished up a gentleman at the table asked the girls if they'd like to draw a picture and enter it into a Holiday Card contest sponsored by the Arts Association. My girls love to draw so, of course, they decided to draw something for the contest. After we finished we left and promptly forgot all about it. Much to our surprise and delight, we received a call recently informing us that Sister Girl's drawing had been chosen as the winner and would be featured on the cards sold by the association. This week we got the call that the cards were in and would be ready to see in the studio by mid-week. Today we went to check them out and, of course, buy a few sets for ourselves. Sister Girl is just tickled pink to have had her artwork featured on the cards. Proceeds from the sale of the cards will help fund free art classes for children at the gallery.

Sister Girl at the Gallery with her cards.
Close up of the cards. I think the flying holly berries clinched it for her. :)


Rachel said...

How exciting for a little girl to have her artwork on Christmas cards! Congrats! I know you are so proud & the drawing is beautiful...she has so much more talent than I do!!

Janet said...

Thank you! She is so excited and we are thrilled for her. I appreciate you stopping by.