Friday, September 12, 2008

Remembering a friend.........

It is something you are never prepared to hear. Learning that someone you love has passed on. And yet today I found myself hearing those words about my precious friend, Stacey. She was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme over 5 years ago and was given just months to live. But Stacey would have none of that. She was expecting her baby girl, the youngest of 5, Saylor, at the time and there was no way she was going anywhere if she could help it. She loved her children and was determined to be around for them as long and God would allow. Kelsey, Logan, Bailey, Avery and Saylor were her reasons to keep pressing on day after day. She would not allow herself to be defined by a disease. Her faith was evident and she lived her life with great courage and hope because of it. She touched countless lives with her determination in the face of such difficult odds. And while my heart is sad today, I rejoice as I know there was great rejoicing when she stepped over into heaven. She is free from the bonds placed on her earthly body and wholly welcomed into the arms of Jesus. And while my heart breaks for her children, I am hopeful for their futures because Stacey made sure to plant seeds of faith in Jesus in their lives. They will carry all that their mother gave them with them and it will be evident in their lives always.

Until we meet again dear friend I send you all my love and admiration.

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